Payment and my info, is it safe? How do I pay?

I accept payments through Shopify Payments. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. This compliance extends to all online stores powered by Shopify, including mine. Shopify has all the same securities and payment fraud protection as leading payment processors like Paypal. I have no access to any of your financial payment information through any of my payment options. I do not store or sell your data.  I will never, ever sell your data. Ever.

Where are you located and who runs this shop?

Fairies and Fancies is located in Idaho, and all items will ship from my location (USA). Fairies and Fancies is a one woman shop, I design, make, sell, ship and manage everything myself.

How do you determine your prices?

My pricing is based off time to complete an item, cost of supplies to make item, demand and my skill set. I'm a full time artist and I work hard at what I do and I feel I deserve fair pay for that. I make everything by hand with skill and love, and the quality standards for my work is very high. I try to have a good range of prices for my items so everyone can hopefully find something they can afford.

I'm allergic to (X Allergy), am I safe?

I do not use fragrances with my products and I thoroughly wash my hands of any food remnants before packing orders. Any candies sent with orders are sent in sealed bags. I own a large dog (Labrador) I try to keep him away from completed products but my dog is allowed in my studio and work areas. I do my best to keep my areas clean but I cannot guarantee that my products are 100% dander free and I cant see dander. I do vacuum off my artdolls after they are completed. My resin figures are made from cured epoxy resin, faux fur (never real fur) and some are painted in water based acrylic paints. If you have any other allergen concerns please feel free to contact me at

How To Care For Your Items

-Artdolls and resin figurines are collectible art pieces and are not suitable for toddlers and children. Small pieces can be choking hazards and are recommended for ages 10 years and up.

-Do not wash items in the washing machine or submerge in water, Spot clean art dolls only with a damp cloth if necessary.

-Do not leave any item in direct sunlight, this can damage and fade the surface of your item.

What are your items made of?

My art dolls are mainly made from faux fur bodies, stuffing, polymer clay and resin plastic parts for strength. I make all my art dolls eyes myself from glass cabochons. My figurines are made from epoxy resin or resin plastic. My items are painted with acrylics paints and various pigments, glitters and embellishments. The paint is then sealed with a clear finish to protect it. All my characters and designs are created with hand sculpting, silicone molding and resin casting techniques.

How do I learn to do what you do? Can you teach me?

There is no easy answer and no short cuts when it comes to learning art. I do not believe people are born creative or talented, I do believe people develop the correct personality traits to become an artist (mainly patience and persistence). I have been doing art for most of my life and practice and learn new skills and mediums constantly. My main teacher has been failure. Failure in itself is really just learning, and what you do after failing can teach you a lot about yourself. Artists are naturally stubborn, persistent and pay attention to detail. I usually discover the basic tools and products required for a medium and dive right in and learn through experience. I use google, art blogs and tutorials, YouTube tutorials, tips and advice given by artists and research online. I'm completely self taught, so if I can learn it-you can to. Do I teach or do tutorials? No. I simply don't have the time and I honestly don't enjoy teaching, but there are many talented artists out there who do and have free or paid tutorials online. I feel it's important for each artists journey to find their own path instead of trying to walk on someone else's.

Can I copy your designs or use their likeness for my own work, even if i don't sell it?

No. All copyright belongs to me the artist © fairiesandfancies all rights reserved.  You have no rights to duplicate my art in anyway before or after purchase. Anyone caught selling or creating reproductions of my designs will be faced with legal action.

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