Yin the Wyvern Hatchling

Yin the Wyvern Hatchling


Meet Yin! He’s a very handsome Wyvern Hatchling with a spitefire personality. Yin loves playing pranks, and is especially fond of hiding out around the Menagerie so he can give the other creatures in residence a scare. His camouflage-like fur gives him a bit of an advantage on sneaking up on the other critters! He’s hoping to meet a companion with an excellent sense of humor and a soft-spot for playing hide-and-seek.

This listing is for the exact doll pictured, it is in-stock and ready to ship within 3-5 days of purchase.

Each Wyvern doll is made-to-order. The doll features solid resin body parts (non-flexible), that have been cast from original sculpture and hand-painted with acrylic paints. The body parts have been sealed to prevent wear and tear but please handle your Wyvern with care. The body of the wyverns is hand-sewn from high quality faux fur and stuffed with polyfil and synthetic beans to give the doll a realistic weighted feeling when being held. Each wyvern has a plastic cup and socket skeleton inside of it that allows for movement of the body parts and the main body itself. Wyverns measure approximately 16 inches from tail to nose, 12 inches tall, and have a 15 inch wingspan.

Each Wyvern Hatchling comes with an adoption certificate signed by the artist.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a work of art and not a toy intended for small children. Wyverns must be handled with care and treated respectfully to ensure a long life.

All dolls ship insured, however I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged by the postal service.

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