Rizzo the Traditional Salamander

Rizzo the Traditional Salamander

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Another more recent discovery, Traditional Faerie salamanders seem to be more mature versions of the other salamander varieties. These little ones, while still juveniles, have lost their gills and developed fully formed lungs allowing them to live primarily on land! Though the traditional salamanders do look more like their terrestrial counterparts, the easiest way to identify them is by their unusual amount of legs.

Each Traditional Salamander is a handmade, one of a kind sculpture done in polymer clay. They’ve been painted and sealed to prevent wear and tear, but are delicate and should be treated as works of art and not toys for small children. They ranged between 2 and 4 inches in length (see attached photos for the exact dimensions of this particular salamander).

This listing is for the exact salamander pictured and will ship within 3 days of purchase. Each unique salamander comes with an adoption certificate signed by the artist.

PLEASE NOTE: Salamanders must be handled with care and treated respectfully to ensure a long life. I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged by the postal service. The Priority mail option comes with insurance, first-class does not. It is up to the buyer to decide which option they prefer.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: first-class shipping no longer includes tracking or insurance, so if you choose first-class at check out I cannot help you recover your item if it is lost in the post. I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged by the postal service.

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