Choco the Wild Brown Jackalope

Choco the Wild Brown Jackalope


**Choco is discounted because his ears DO NOT POSE**

This listing is for the Exact Jackalope pictured. The doll is already made, and ready to ship within 3-5 days of purchase.

Meet Choco! Choco may be the runt of this litter, but he certainly doesn’t let that slow him down. He will try anything his older siblings do, and work hard until he can do it better than any of them! If you value hard work and perseverance, Choco might be the right companion for you.

Jackalopes are made from a combination of resin cast parts and high quality faux fur. Their heads, antlers, and feet are resin cast from original sculptures, hand painted with acrylics, and have fur attached by hand using liquid silicone. Their plush bodies are stuffed with a mixture of polyfoam and beans to give them a realistic weight. They have a plastic cup and socket skeleton inside of them that allows them to stand, and gives them a wide range of posing ability. Baby Jackalopes are approximately 6-7 inches tall (depending on ear type), 7 inches long, and 4 inches wide.
Due to their handmade nature, please allow for slight variations between each jackalope as they all turn out to be unique individuals!

Each jackalope comes with an adoption certificate signed by the artist.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a work of art and not a toy intended for small children. Jackalopes must be handled with care and treated respectfully to ensure a long life.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: first-class shipping no longer includes tracking or insurance, so if you choose first-class at check out I cannot help you recover your item if it is lost in the post. I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged by the postal service.

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