Welcome to the New Website


Finally, the website has received a face-lift! Since we left Patreon, a new website has been at the forefront of our minds, but we had…well, a few personal matters to sort through before we could get back to work.

But here we are, a brand-new way of experiencing the Menagerie. The new site will focus on being a hybrid of a lifestyle blog, an art page, and of course an ecommerce site. Think of it as your own personal stop for immersive content on The Menagerie story, including info about new creature discoveries, how to care for your faerie creatures in captivity, and of course, anecdotes straight from the Menagerie itself and our magical lives.

We won’t just be focusing on fantasy though. Weekly behind the scenes blogs discussing our art process and current projects are also in the works. We want to give you the whole experience; magical story-telling with a healthy dose of our real, chaotic daily lives as full-time independent artists, and soon, parents as well.