Training Wyvern Hatchlings

Hatching baby Wyverns is our latest adventure and its proving to be quite interesting. We received our first batch of Wyvern eggs from a Magizoologist Explorer in the Himalaya Mountains and have been slowly incubating them one by one. So far the different patterns and coloration the hatchlings come in have been absolutely fascinating to observe.


A Purple Orchid Wyvern recently hatched

However, raising Wyverns has its challenges, just like learning how to properly care for any magical creature. One of the biggest challenges is training each Hatchling to respond to basic commands before they can be placed with a permanent home. Without training, we’ve observed that the babies will fly around eating whatever small birds/bugs/bats they can catch, and often will land in the topmost branches of trees and refuse to come down for extended periods of time.

Brycen is our lead dragon trainer, and designed the curriculum all our babies have to complete before they are cleared to be placed in new homes.


Commands your new Hatchling will know upon adoption include:

  • Come to Me

  • Stay

  • Fetch

  • Hover

  • Leave It

  • Do a Barrel Roll

All our training sessions take place in secluded, wooded areas, to allow the hatchlings to concentrate on their commands without the distraction of other humans or pets. Here are a few pictures of various wyverns clowning around in the woods:

If you have taught your Hatchling additional commands, please feel free to leave a comment here or on our social media pages and lets us know what new tricks your Wyvern has learned!