The Whisper Virus

As we begin the third official Whisper season, we’ve decided its finally time to reveal what we know about the Virus and its effects on both faerie and terrestrial creatures. We know many of you, who have been following the Virus’s progression since the Lee family first discovered it are extremely curious to know what exactly the Whisper phenomenon is all about. Here are the facts we currently have about this strange infection:

When did the Virus fist Appear?

  • The Lee family, founders of The Menagerie McLeod’s predecessor, The Lee’s Menagerie, first encountered the Whisper Virus around their Pacific North-West home in 2011. A machine made of a curious crystal-like alloy weakened the veil between dimensions in the woods behind their home and allowed magical radiation to leak from the Astral Plane (sometimes called the Faerie Realm) into our own Terrestrial world. This radiation caused the spontaneous mutation of Terrestrial creatures into the magical versions the Lee’s would later go onto to study and eventually place in the care of Creature Keepers around the globe- a tradition the Lee family passed on to us.
    However, in recent years, it is apparent that something more sentient than just magical radiation has slipped between the dimensions. This potential being is believed to be the source of the Whisper Virus.

What is the Virus?

  • We don’t know for sure. It’s clearly an infection of some sort. It affects only creatures mutated by magical radiation. Even then, not all creatures that are exposed to the Virus will contract it. It seems to strike at random, with little to no discernible pattern.

Why Mushrooms?

  • The Astral Dimension (sometimes called the Faerie Realm in popular mythology), is composed entirely of energy waves. No matter can pass into the Astral Plane and likewise, the energy that enters the Terrestrial world from the Astral Plane must bond to a Terrestrial body in order to exist on our side of the veil. This is how magical creatures, such as the Jackalopes, were created; they are the result of magical energy from the Astral plane bonding with, and forever mutating, a regular terrestrial rabbit.
    Our best guess is that when whatever the Whisper Virus is crossed over into our world, it identified strongly with fungi, and chose to bond itself to that strangest form of terrestrial life.

How does the Virus work?

  • The Virus begins as a small discoloration on the skin of an affected creature. Slowly, this spot spreads, causing a myriad of issues for the host creature as the fungi spores begin to eat them from the inside out. Symptoms include:

    - Purple, black, gray, or greenish discoloration.
    - Loss of senses such as hearing, smell, taste, and most obvious, sight.
    - A sudden need for warmth that may cause the infected creature to seek out sunlight or other heat sources.
    - Sprouting of touch-sensitive mushrooms from the infected creature’s body.

  • Once a creature has been fully consumed by the fungal infection, it no longer has any trace of its old self. The body is now a shell for the new fungal being inside, which seems to possess a rudimentary intelligence and have its own, somewhat muddled, agenda.

Other Curiosities about the Whispers:

  • Remnants of crystal containing Astral Plane energy have been found around the original site of the Lee’s Menagerie House. This crystal affects the Whispers negatively, and can cause great distress when brought into proximity of a Whisper Creature. We have no idea why, but it is intriguing nonetheless.

  • There is some evidence that all Whisper infected creatures can see through one another’s senses and possibly even communicate with one another even across vast distances. However, this theory has not been widely tested.

  • The Whisper Virus cannot infect Terrestrial creatures. Much like how the only the soul, and not the body, can enter the Astral Plane, it seems that only creatures that have been mutated by magical energy are susceptible to the Whisper Virus. Which is good news for us all as humans don’t need to worry about contracting the Virus from their Whisper Creatures!
    Unless, of course, the Virus only affects ones mind and soul, and not the physical body…

Stefani ScogganComment