We're Back!

Hey All!

We’re back to work after a pretty crazy summer (we had a baby!) and getting back into faerie research after a very long and difficult 9 months. We can’t wait to start sharing more details about the creatures we raise, our breeding practices, and the fascinating world of Faeries in general.

Right now we are gearing up for Autumn and a very spooky Halloween season. We’re sowing the seeds for this years Gourd Ghoul crop, and working on procuring some breeding pairs of two brand new, never before seen creature species. Cross your fingers for us that the negotiating goes as planned and we are able to import these very exciting new critters!

Thank you for sticking with us through a very difficult year, we appreciate the hell out of all of you, lets get ready for a great Halloween!

Much Love,
Stefani and Brycen

Stefani ScogganComment