The Clan MacLeod


Whats in a name? So we have recently changed our name from The Lee’s Menagerie to the Menagerie MacLeod. Why the name switch? Where did it come from? Funny you should ask. We want the menagerie to represent us and who we are and we thought integrating our family name into the menagerie would give us a better connection to it, and to you. Where the name comes from is quite fascinating and was a perfect fit for the menagerie. Clan MacLeod is known as the Fairy Clan of Scotland. How they were given the name is by being the guardians and protectors of The Fairy Flag. There are many different tales of how the clan came to posses the flag but the most widely believed is that it was given to the clan as a gift by a banshee spirit named Titania, wife of the Scottish King of the Fairies, Oberon, for defeating an evil spirit that plagued the woods surrounding Dunvegan Castle, home to the Clan MacLeod.

The flag itself is said to have magical properties such as protection of whatever it comes into contact with. Anytime the clan defended the walls of their castle, before battle, each member of the army would touch the flag, giving them a magical armor heading into battle. The Clan protected their walls for centuries and Dunvegan Castle still stands strong to this day with the Fairy Flag hanging proudly in its main hall, giving the castle protection for centuries to come.

Dunvegan Castle on the Isle Of Skye - Photo By Amy Watson

Dunvegan Castle on the Isle Of Skye - Photo By Amy Watson

We are very proud to be MacLeods, and we are very happy to be bringing a new Macleod into the world at the end of July! We want to raise her surrounded with the fairy history and lore of her ancestors, and with the fairy lore that we are creating every day with our story and our art. I grew up being told tales of fairies and the magical fairy clan that I was part of, and I intend to share that with my daughter so she can grow up knowing she’s full of magic as well. We are ready to get back in touch with our roots, with our fairy aesthetic, and be the weirdest parents we can be.

-Brycen MacLeod

Stefani Scoggan