Part-time Farmhands, Full-time Creature Caretakers

Today was a beautiful day on the farm. We are lucky enough to be temporary artists-in-residence on our friends farm in Virginia. Besides taking care of the magical creatures, we also get to work part-time for the farm in exchange for room and board. So far we’ve learned a lot about growing edible mushrooms, spinach, kale, potatoes, and the whole seeding process. Though Bryce is doing all of the hard work, we both get to enjoy the rural atmosphere and mountain air.

Since the creatures are here with us on this new adventure, we are trying to find ways to incorporate the Virginia woods and the rustic scenery of the farm itself into our stories (especially now that its Spring!). I got to experiment with Citron, one of our Cockatrice Roosters in residence, and take some photos with all the gorgeous greenery sprouting in the greenhouses right now.

Citron was such a good sport ( and he really enjoyed the break from tending to the clutch of cockatrice eggs currently incubating inside the farmhouse). Who knows what farm adventures the creatures might get into as the weather warms up even more!

Stefani ScogganComment