Welcome to the Menagerie! 

Are you a fan of faeries, cryptids, and magical creatures of all shapes and sizes? Do you long to know more about the weird inhabitants of the magical world? Perhaps you’re looking for a fantastical beast to add to your collection of strange familiars. If any of these possibilities intrigue you, then you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Stefani and I specialize in breeding unique faerie hybrids and placing them into loving homes of established and aspiring creature keepers. All my dolls are handmade works of art created by me in my studio. I offer a wide range of species for adoption from our tiny sproutlings to rambunctious Jackalopes and fierce Cockatrices. Visit the Shop to see what creatures are currently available for adoption, or the Creature Guide to learn about all the different species and their attributes. Or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive updates about upcoming releases, pre-order events, and gallery shows.

The Lee's Menagerie is more than just a storefront. We also conduct on-going research into the faerie realm and the fantastic creatures that inhabit it. You can discover current research projects and findings over on the Blog page, or learn about the fictional story behind the Menagerie and the Lee family who first founded the facility.  Whether you interests are magical or scientific in nature, I hope you find exploring the world of Lee’s Menagerie an enjoyable experience!

- Stefani Lee

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