Species: Sproutlings

Known Breeds: Mushroom, Orchid, Mandrake

Habitat: The first sproutlings made an appearance in the Green House on the Lee’s Menagerie property. They grew in soil contaminated by faerie radiation and seem to be the mutated result of typical green house plants Loreli Lee was cultivating. The Lee family sent us quite a few different species of sproutlngs from their green houses and we’ve been working to refine the process of growing new sprouts.

Diet: Sproutlings do not seem to need much besides sunlight, although we have observed some of them eating handfuls of soil from time to time. Perhaps they just like the texture, or perhaps the minerals in the soil are beneficial to their overall health.

Faerie Abilities: Some sproutlings seem to have magical properties stored in parts of their bodies. Depending on the species, the leaves, flowers, or mushroom caps of the sproutling might induce certain reactions when ingested. Some sproutling parts can be harvested and grown back, while others kill the sproutling itself if harvesting is attempted.

Interesting Facts: Sproutlings do not need to be planted in one place, and in fact become more mobile as they grow older. More mature sproutlings often get up and walk around their living spaces, and have been known to even move around objects when they get bored.

Baby Sproutlings are called Spores.


Mushroom Sproutlings


Lavender Sproutlings

Winter Sproutlings

Mandrake Sproutling

Ink Cap Sproutling


Amethyst Deceiver Sproutling

Wrinkled Peach Sproutling

Enoki Sproutling

Amanita Sproutlings