Faerie Salamanders

Adult Yellowstone Geyser Salamander

Adult Yellowstone Geyser Salamander

Species: Faerie Salamanders

Known Breeds: Geyser Salamander, Common Faerie Salamander, Winged Faerie Salamander

Habitat: Wetlands, specifically hot-springs and geysers where they live their lives primarily in the water, coming onto land only to scavenge for rocks and crystals to add to their hordes

Diet: omnivorous, though they only need to eat once a month

Faerie Abilities: Salamanders can super-charge the air molecules surrounding their bodies causing a sudden rise in temperature that may scald an unwary creature keeper. Historically, this trait has given them a false reputation for being poisonous.

Interesting Facts: As faerie salamanders age, they continue to grow new limbs along the sides of their bodies. The oldest known specimen to date had 20 full sets of limbs and an additional 2 budding sets.

Winged Faerie Salamander: has frilled gills like the Geyser breed, but also sports a set of shiny wings


Common Faerie Salamander: Lacks frilled gills, but is easily identifiable by the three sets of limbs