California Jackalopes


One of the very first creatures to join the Menagerie (and in fact the first pose-able doll ever offered), The Californian Jackalope isn’t a true Jackalope at all. This faerie critter is known as a ‘faux jackalope’, and is thought to be the result of life energy mutating a California Kangaroo Rat.

These creatures are extremely territorial and very difficult to keep in large numbers in captivity. In the wild, a single male/female pair will defend a territory of up to two square miles.

Both male and female CA Jackalopes sport large antlers.

Because the California Jackalopes are one of our oldest designs, they’ve been through multiple design changes before we settled on the current plush version with a pose-able plastic skeleton. Check out the slideshow below to see some of their different incarnations over the years: