About us

Stefani and Brycen are the team behind The Lee’s Menagerie. Stefani envisioned the story and began creating the first adoptable creatures back in 2011, and Brycen joined the Menagerie team in 2017 with fresh vision of how to expand and renew the Lee’s Menagerie world.

The two of them work full-time to create their vision for the Menagerie, including hand making all the creatures they sell, writing the novel series that is currently in progress, and constantly coming up with content teaching aspiring Creature Keepers how to care for and enjoy their magical companions.

Though they have plans to buy a tiny home on wheels and travel the country while also continuing to create their art, at the moment the couple reside in the woods of Virginia with their Schipperke Koda and brand new daughter who is expected to be joining the Menagerie team in July of 2019.

If you want to know more about the world of The Lee’s Menagerie, and the story of the fictional Lee family, head on over to our blog to read all about it!